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A Happy and Healthy Learning Environment

Children are more susceptible to illness causing germs in schools and daycares as they are interacting with each other closely when playing or doing schoolwork. Parents know this all too well! It is vital your school, educational facility or daycare is cleaned using the proper techniques and disinfectants. The JanTec cleaning system pay attention to high touch areas that are often overlooked by other companies. We will help you provide a happy and healthy learning environment to your students, staff and visitors.

Creating a Healthy and Happy Learning Environment

JanTec offers services to clients across the spectrum of educational facilities. We service daycare centers, language schools and universities. Contact us today to discuss how our trained technicians can make your life easier.

  • Our cleaning technicians are fully insured and background checked so you can relax knowing that your school or daycare is in good hands.

  • Students and faculty are more productive and happy in a clean school. JanTec will customize a plan that will see your educational facility cleaned and maintained to exacting standards while staying within budget.

  • Our cleaning technicians and account managers have been well trained to handle interactions with students and personnel at your facility.

School Cleaning

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