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Commercial Cleaning Services Kitchener Waterloo

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Anyone who is too busy to handle the daily routine of cleaning floors, bathrooms, and carpets knows they eventually will have to hire a professional office cleaning company.

Those that run a healthcare facility, school, or retail outlet all have commercial cleaning companies on retainer. Kitchener Ontario is no different. More and more businesses in Kitchener Ontario are starting to hire commercial office cleaning companies to take the load off. Just running a dental office or school pretty much eats up the whole day. Who has time to clean?

commercial office cleaning kitchener waterloo ontario

Who has time to get down on their hands and knees and scrub and wax floors? Most office professionals don’t. They are focused on other business tasks that they are hired to do.

So what do you do when you want to maintain a clean and fresh smelling office, dental office or health care facility? You hire the most professional cleaning company in KitchenerJanTec Office Cleaners!

From the stairways to the hallways, everything will look and smell great! The floors are swept, mopped and waxed each day to look their absolute best. The carpets are cleaned, those that have them, and the furniture is dusted and cleaned on each visit. No stone is left unturned when it comes to janitorial cleaning cleaning duties.

Whether you need commercial carpet cleaning or your hardwood floors waxed, JanTec commercial cleaning services in Kitchener-Waterloo is available to help.

Experienced Commercial Cleaners in Kitchener

JanTec Office Cleaners in Kitchener or Waterloo never take the easy way out. They come to the job each day as if it was the first day on the job. They take pleasure in happy clients, the ones who come through the door each day expecting to see ever floor, bathroom, and hallway clean. They are never disappointed with the cleaning pros at JanTec on the job!

They treat each client as the unique cleaning contract it is. They want to make sure that each hospital, university, or downtown retail store is kept in tip top shape, each and every day. There is nothing like coming to work to a clean environment. There is something to be said about starting each day with a clean germ-free office that has been cleaned in the most eco-friendly way possible.

What do the visitors or patients to your facility think about a clean space? What do they expect to see when they come for an appointment to your office? At the very least, they have the right to come to a clinic or place of business that is free of air born pollutants that cause health issues.

By cleaning floors, furniture, carpets, and bathrooms each day, you minimize the risk of someone getting sick. The office cleaning professionals at JanTec Commercial Cleaners will make everything not only sparkles, but remains dirt and germ free!

A Clean Facility During Flu Season

Winter, our #1 flu season in Ontario Canada, is a good example as to why office must be kept clean and germ-free.

Everyone basically has coughs and colds at some point which are easily passed on to other workers or visitors to your office. When they cough, air born pollutants and germs land on almost every piece of office furniture, computer or counter top in your office.

It happens, so by hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company like JanTec who know how to germ-proof your school or hospital, is the first step in making sure everything is as clean as possible, which will protect your staff and patients from getting sick.


Commercial Office Cleaning Contract

Kitchener Office Cleaners will send out a cleaning manager to check out your facility and to book you in for your next commercial office cleaning.

An experienced cleaning consultant will schedule a visit to your office, gym, or health care facility today to discuss any requirements or questions you may have before they start. Understanding all the ins and outs of your commercial office building will help both JanTec and your company so that there is no misunderstanding of what is to be expected.

Some facilities and offices in Kitchener or Waterloo need to be cleaned on a daily basis, mostly because of the amount of traffic that comes through their doors. Others require a weekly cleaning, while still others need a semi-monthly cleaning.


There is no one cleaning contract that is right for everyone. That is why you need a cleaning manager to create a custom cleaning contract that will keep everyone happy and your facility looking and smelling the best it can be.

That is why it is good for your commercial cleaning manager to visit and to make sure he sets a cleaning schedule that you are happy with. You want both your staff and visitors to your commercial building to leave with a smile on their faces, knowing they are safe from germs and dirt. There is nothing worse than dirty bathroom stalls or a staff kitchen area.

Trust the best eco-friendly office cleaning company in Kitchener-WaterlooJanTec Commercial Office Cleaning

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If you have an office, commercial property, school, or office anywhere in the Kitchener Waterloo area of Ontario, don’t hesitate to reach out and have one of the professional office cleaning managers come by to discuss your next commercial office cleaning job.

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