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JanTec Cleaning Systems is looking for sub-contractors that want their own commercial cleaning accounts!

If you are a self-motivated person with cleaning experience and you either own your own business or want to start a business, we want to hear from you. We are looking for people that have cleaning experience and like to get the job done right.

  • Your own commercial cleaning accounts

  • No franchise or finders fees

  • We handle customer service and billing

  • You get paid on time every month

  • We pay top dollar to qualified sub-contractors

What Our Sub-contractors are Saying About JanTec


Working with JanTec has made me and my family very happy. We really enjoy cleaning our accounts and the customers are friendly and kind. Now that we have 5 accounts, my wife and I are planning to hire a person to help us. We are making more money than we could have imagined and get to be our own bosses. So happy we decided to work with JanTec!

Tom and Angie Sereno

I started working with JanTec last year and now have 6 of my own contracts. I now we get to spend more time with my family as I can make my own schedule. I clean 4 offices and 2 medical clinics and am excited to get more contracts. They pay very well for the contracts and I never have worry about any billing as they always pay on time.

Jimmy Mendoza

I owned my own small office cleaning business but I was having difficulty finding clients. I started cleaning 1 small office for JanTec but now I have 14 accounts. I am so busy that I am about to hire my third helper. JanTec pays well and treats me with respect. I would highly recommend them to any business owners that want more accounts to clean.

Maria Hernandez

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